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Unit History

December (end) 1944: With the upcoming offensive to relieve Budapest the Germans decide to use the trained but unarmed Hungarian mountain troops from 25 SS division ,,Hunyadi" and 26 SS division ,,Hungaria" as part of the offensive. The two battalions have a crash 2 week training course to prepare them for the offensive. The untrained sections of the ski divisions stop at Neuhammer for further training. Members from 25 SS Ski battilion are at Strans.


January 5 1945: The schi battalions from 25 SS ,,Hunyadi” and 26 SS ,,Hungaria” are transported by rail from Neuhammer camp. They go by different routes. (1)

January 6 1944: 25. Schi and 26. Schi battalions link up with IV Panzer Corps at Gyroszentivan. They then march on foot to Tata.

January 8 1945: The 1st Hungarian Sturmjaeger Regiment comes into being at Tata in Hungary (2).

It is classed as a “special troop” of the Reichfuhrer SS and is issued with better equipment than standard Waffen Grenadiers.


Its initial order of battle was:

Commander Sturmbannfuhrer Kelemen Ridegh

Regimental Staff (FP 65 461)

Translator platoon

Signals platoon

Motorcycle messenger platoon 




Field Police

Staff security platoon



I ungarische SS sturmjaeger Battalion (companies I-III) (FP 65 461 A)

Commander Hauptsturmfuhrer Tamas Barna

(Formally 25 Waffen Schi Jaeger Battalion der SS) 




II ungarische SS sturmjaeger Battalion (companies IV-VI) (3) (FP 65 461B)

Commander Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr A Lenk


(Formally 26 Waffen Schi Jaeger Battalion der SS)

January 9 1945: The Sturmjaeger regiment carries out combined unit training exercises for the first and only time.

January 10 1945: The training exercises continue. Late in the day the regiment is transferred by trucks to the frontline positions of 5th SS Division ,,Viking”.

January 11 1945: The Sturmjaeger regiment goes into action for the first time along side 10th SS Regiment ,,Westland”. The  regiment which spearheads the assault captures Piliszenkereszt but suffers a large number of casualties.(4)

January 12 1945: The regiment is ordered to go to Pomaz.

January 13 1945: The Sturmjaeger regiment is withdrawn from the fighting for rest, re-supply and regrouping in Tata.

January 14 1945: The regiment moves to Csór.

January 15 1945: The regiment is now down to 900 men having had 600 casualties in two days of fighting.

January 18 1945: The Sturmjaeger regiment returns to the front and this time fights with the III panzer corps. The regiment takes part in the advance towards Dunapentele.

January 19 1945: The corps loses some 160 dead and 70 wounded in the course of the advance towards Dunapentele.

January 20 1945: The Sturmjaeger regiment is back with the ,,Viking” division and along with ,,Westland” and the Hungarian SS Brigade ,,Ney” retakes Stuhlweissenburg. 

January 21 1945: In the two days of fighting since rejoining ,,Viking” the Sturmjaeger regiment has had a further 230 casualties. Parts of the Sturmjaeger regiment have now become mixed in with SS Brigade ,,Ney”

January 22/23 1945: During the advance with ,,Viking” towards Adony the Sturmjaeger regiment becomes even more splintered and no longer operates as a single unit. The regiments’ headquarters are disbanded.

January 25 1945: A part of the regiment is now with III Panzer corps again whilst II battalion is in action in the Lepseny / Balantonvilagos / Balatonszabadi area. 

January 29 1945: The remnants of the Sturmjaeger regiment are ordered to regroup at Csór.

February 2 1945: What is left of the Sturmjaeger regiment is involved in defensive fighting around Stuhlweissenburg. This continues until March 22 1945. The regiment is attached to both ,,Viking” and III Panzer Corps during the fighting.

February 7 1945: Those members of the 25 & 26 SS ski battalions still at Neuhammer/Strans take part in the withdrawal of ,,Hunyadi" & ,,Hungaria" from the Neuhammer training ground.

March 22 1945: The regiment withdraws towards Austria.

March 23 1945: The regiment is withdrawn from combat due to the regiment having no ammunition. (5) The regiment is split into 2 units, ,,Gruppe Lenk” (6) and ,,Gruppe Ridegh” (7)

March 24/26 1945: After a long march on foot the two units reach the area around Morichida and Janoshaza. ,,Gruppe Lenk” is attached to the German 1st Volks gebirgsjaeger division (under XXII Mountain Corps) in the St. Michael area while ,,Gruppe Ridegh” is attached to a Hungarian mountain division in the Marcal line.  

March 30 1945: ,,Gruppe Lenk” joins IV SS Panzer Corps south of Szombathely and is assigned to SS Brigade ,,Ney”. ,,Gruppe Ridegh” joins II SS Panzer Corps.

April 4 1945: At 03.00 ,,Gruppe Ridegh” crosses the Austria / Hungarian border near Mosonszentpeter. The unit continues to fight at various locations (including Neustadt and Mayerling) in Austria for the next 4 weeks. ,,Gruppe Lenk” rejoins German 1st Volks gebirgsjaeger division / III Panzer Corps in the area close to St Michael in Austria.

April 18 1945: ,,Gruppe Lenk” rejoins ,,Viking” and comes under the command of 1st Hungarian Schi battalion.

May 1945: In the last days of the war ,,Gruppe Lenk” (about 150/200 strong) disbands itself and  leaves the 1st Hungarian Schi battalion. Some members attempt to reach their homes and the other members travel to Klangenfurt where they surrender to English troops (8)

May 5 1945:
,,Gruppe Ridegh” (about 150 strong) surrender to the Americans at Enns. (9)



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1 The 25. Schi battalion travels via Prague and Vienna, the 26. Schi battalion travels via Ostrava and Bratislava

2 It numbers approximately 1 500 men.

3 IV company was the heavy weapons company

4 In the offensive actions in around Piliszenkereszt the Sturmjaeger regiment had 2 officers and 127 men killed and 2 officers and 17 men listed as missing

5 The Sturmjaeger regiment had been issued with the latest automatic assault rifles when formed

6 This comprises of companies I, III and VI under Hauptsturmfuhrer Lenk

7 This comprises of companies II, IV and V under Sturmbannfuhrer Ridegh

8 Parts of ,,Gruppe Lenk” surrender along with the Hungarian ,,St Laszlo” division

9 In defensive fighting and during the withdraw the Sturmjaeger regiment had 2 officers and 301 men killed and 3 officers and 143 men listed as missing.




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